The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2017

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Ted Carr

Ted Carr
Ted Carr is a 28 year old fruitarian triathlete and life coach.He grew up in Vancouver, Canada and now lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand.From an early age Ted wanted to be an athlete, writer, teacher, and naturalist and this is exactly what he’s doing now - albeit in a way he could have never anticipated. Ted helps others achieve their life’s biggest dreams with online personal development coaching via Skype. Everyday he trains to race professionally in triathlon, meditates, reads, writes, eats fruit, and work on different businesses relating to raw food and education. Living in the tropics and making an online income was also once just a pipe dream for Ted.It was the holding of the vision and repeatedly listening to motivational and encouraging audiobooks that made his dreams a reality, and he wants to share his insights on how to make it easier for others to do the same.The main areas of life Ted now focuses on now are emotional well-being through creative expression, financial freedom with multiple sources of income, physical fitness with bodyweight strength and triathlon training, nutritional expertise with raw foods, and spiritual growth with meditation, gratitude, and relaxation exercises.