The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2017

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Megan Elizabeth McDonnell

Megan was always overweight throughout her childhood, reaching 167 lbs at 18 years old. At 21 Megan was bed ridden for the better part of a year due to extreme Adrenal Fatigue, Candidiasis, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Chemical Sensitivity. The allopathic medical community was unable to help her in any means of recovery. One day Megan’s dad discovered Arnold’s Way, a raw food cafe and education center. He brought her home a green smoothie and she was hooked! Once adopting a fruit based diet it was only a couple weeks before she noticed the difference. She’s been following a raw vegan diet for 8 years now and is passionate about spreading the message of the powerful change this lifestyle can bring about. Though offering coaching and publishing her recipe book, Easy To Be Raw, Megan is aiming to show everyone just how truly easy it is to be raw.