The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2017

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Anne Osborne

Registrations, Work Exchange and Schedule Manager, and Fruit Festival Artist
I have been on the Fruit Diet for 29 years, and have raised two happy and healthy children on this diet.
The fruit diet makes great sense to me on many levels - ethically, environmentally, anatomically, health-wise and spiritually.
I enjoy sharing the wonders of the fruit diet, as well as its sense and rationality.

My book, 'Fruitarianism - The Path To Paradise',  was published in English in 2009, and in Italian in 2011.

I believe the way we eat and grow our fruit is vital in helping our planet to heal and be healthy.

I love walking, running, dancing, beaches, rainforests, kitties, vintage 50's frocks, playing, music, and fruit!

I live with my partner, younger son Cappi, and Jasper cat, on the Sunshine Coast, Queeensland, Australia.

I attended my first Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2011, and joined the festival team in 2012.

I very much appreciate being able to help promote the Fruitarian diet by being a part of the Woodstock Fruit Festival.