The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2017

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Grant Campbell

Raw Aussie Athlete
Peace and Love Director
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Grant Campbell, aka Raw Aussie Athlete, is an experienced ultramarathon trail runner who continues to rise to new levels of athletic performance since embracing an 80/10/10 raw vegan lifestyle in 2005.

Grant has been running healthy lifestyle adventure retreats since 2007 in Thailand and Australia including his popular Fruitarian Adventure Retreats!

Grant is author of the Inspired To Run book series available on Amazon.

Through making a total lifelong commitment to health, Grant has overcome a history of chronic asthma, allergies, and a host of undesirable maladies which people generally accept as normal. Grant pursues constant and consistent growth in his athletic endeavors and life experience and feels his potential has only just begun to be unleashed, with no limits in sight. He plans to keep eating 100% raw vegan and to run 100 miles when he turns 100 years old!