The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2017

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Evan Worldwind

Artist Dream Family: Creative Coaching, Music and Tai Chi Practitioner
Barcelona, Spain
Evan Worldwind is a Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Coach, A Practitioner of the Yang Family-Style of Tai-Chi Chuan, A Musician, and a Storyteller. My journey into the healing arts began with healing myself naturally after years of debilitating injuries from running track and field. I spent six months walking with a cane and eventually had knee surgery. I needed to rehabilitate without rigorous training, and that’s what led me to Tai Chi Chuan. In 2003, he joined the New York Tai-Chi Institute, where he studied internal art under the direction of Sifu Won Gim. Within a year of working with my tai chi master, I recovered, losing the limp I had dealt with for months. My exploration with tai chi brought me great mind-body awareness and made me realize that there was much psychological work to be done, although I had healed my body. I continued to train privately in Eastern Martial Arts with my tai chi master for eight years. I became certified in Neurolinguistic Programming to dive deeper into addressing my own limiting beliefs and, ultimately, help others do the same for themselves. I began learning the didgeridoo 18 years ago after a profound spiritual experience I had upon hearing the instrument. I closed my eyes, fell into a trance, and began seeing images of a cylinder boulder underneath the Earth pushing up stones and trees. It felt as though the sound of the didgeridoo creates the Earth. I have since performed at festivals and special events worldwide, playing alongside healers and artists such as Wim Hof and Alex Gray.