The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2017

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Conor McMillen

Brittany and Conor love coming together to perform and teach partner acrobatics. Both considering it one of their favorite forms of play, and the pair enjoys moving together, syncing up in this dynamic, creative way.

Brittany and Conor travel the world, sharing their love of health, play and human connection with others. They love living simple, intentional lives, filled with rich connections, often living in Austin, TX, or out of their minimalist backpacks in some other beautiful location around the world. They run their businesses remotely, inspiring others to find the passion within themselves that excites them to live their own, unique dreams.

You can find out more about Brittany and Conor through their individual YouTube channels and websites as well as through the channel they have co-created about inspiring authentic relationships.

Brittany and Conor also run Fruit Winter Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand each January.

Conor and Brittany: Website / YouTube / Instagram

Brittany: Website / YouTube / Instagram

Conor: Website / YouTube/ Instagram